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Heating Options

Thermotech Engineering’s knowledgeable and experienced team of commercial gas engineers is familiar with a wide range of heating options, enabling us to find and implement the perfect solution for your needs. Our engineers are fully accredited with Gas Safe and OFTEC registrations, giving you peace of mind that all of our work will be completed safely and professionally


Mains gas heating: Affordable, efficient, and reliable warmth for your home.


LPG heating: Versatile, eco-friendly warmth for off-grid homes.


Effective and dependable warmth for homes in remote areas.


Biomass heating: Sustainable, renewable warmth from nature’s fuel.

Heat Pumps

Efficient, eco-friendly warmth that moves heat instead of generating it.

Solar PV

Generate clean electricity to power your home heating system, reducing your reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a greener future.

Solid Fuel

Traditional, cost-effective warmth from burning wood, coal, or other solid fuels.

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