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How to Bleed Your Radiator Like a Pro

Feeling a cold spot at the top of your radiator? It’s likely air trapped inside, preventing hot water from circulating properly. Here at Thermotech, we want you to stay warm and cozy, so follow these steps to bleed your radiator and restore its warmth!

Step 1: Feeling the Problem

Turn on your central heating and let it run for a few minutes. Feel the top and bottom of the radiator. If the top is significantly cooler than the bottom, air is likely the culprit.

Step 2: Safety First!

Turn off your central heating and allow the radiator to cool completely. This prevents hot water from escaping when you bleed the radiator.

Step 3: Protect Your Surroundings

Place a towel or container under the release valve (it looks like a small square pin) to catch any dripping water. You may also want to cover the surrounding wall or floor with another towel for extra protection.

Step 4: Release the Air

Purchase a radiator key from your local hardware store. Insert the key into the release valve and turn it anti-clockwise slowly. You’ll hear a hissing sound as air escapes.

Step 5: Water on the Way!

As the hissing sound weakens, you’ll hear water trickling. This is good! But, we want to keep as much water in the radiator as possible. Once you hear the water gurgling, be prepared to close the valve.

Step 6: Close the Valve & Check the Pressure

As soon as the water starts to sound like it might escape, turn the key clockwise to shut the valve firmly. Finally, check your boiler pressure according to your boiler manual. If it needs adjusting, consult the manual or call a qualified plumber/heating engineer for assistance.

Bleeding your radiators regularly ensures efficient heating and keeps your home warm and comfortable. If you have any concerns or require professional help, don’t hesitate to contact Thermotech!

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